American bubble manufacturing plant in Topeka Kansas. Creating bubble, mailers, foam, and more




Bringing you the BEST in Bubble, Mailers, and Insulation

With over 50 years of experience in transforming plastic
eco-friendly foam and insulation items, we are a family-owned and operated company well known for our innovative Packaging and Thermal Solutions

Top Quality

Quality control is our primary focus and drive to success. We believe through the best quality products it will help our customers to reduce damages in transit, save in shipping costs, and reduce returns. Utilizing state of the art equipment, our extruding lines run the industry’s Best Cushioned packaging there is.

Our Footprint

At heart, we are all about expansion. Creating a larger footprint will help in the efforts of Going Green and saving energy. From Latin America to United States, we have 5 locations with a 2 year expansion plan of opening 2-3 more U.S. based factories.

Up and Coming

Bio-Resin has significant appeal. It’s versatile and has a clean and efficient production formulation
process with no hazardous emissions, making it both sustainable and renewable. It decreases the dependence on petrochemicals, and has a longer lifecycle than any petrochemical-based material. There is a special additive in the Bio-Resin accessible to China, which is new and innovative. Once it is added to PT Resin, it has the capacity to turn any plastic item

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