Going Green Efforts

The Strive to Go Green

Biodegradable Resin is made from natural, non-toxic and water-based substances, making it one of the best replacements for plastic. It has significant appeal, versatility and a clean & efficient production formulation process with no hazardous emissions – making it both sustainable and renewable. It decreases the dependence on petrochemicals, and has a longer lifecycle than any petrochemical-based material.

There is a special additive in the Bio-Resin accessible to China. Once it is added to PT Resin, it has the capacity to turn any plastic item compostable. This new and innovative process is what we call Bio-Plastic.


  • Bio-Degradable
  • Durability
  • Microwaveable
  • Price Point
  • Claim Backup
This image demonstrates once the special additive is added to the item
(like the box, for example), it is not affected as it is hit by water.

We’ve developed a North American partnership for extrusion of this bio-degradable resin to support the plastic industry, with the long term goals of providing products & resins for the U.S. and Canada marketplaces.

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